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The natural drink that nourishes the mind and hydrates the body.

NATURALBOOM is a drink based on green tea, ginger, herbs and fruits with extraordinary properties. Thanks to nootropics*, smart substances available in nature, it enhances mental focus. Furthermore, it provides hydration and is very good.

“The word nootropic comes from the Greek, nous (mind) and tropein (to change, to mutate)”


Eight ingredients for unique well-being: a world of nature in a can.


Simple: green tea, ginger and a selection of natural extracts, rich in nootropics.


It improves concentration, enhances cognitive abilities and provides hydration.


It brings benefits to the mind and a pleasure full of well-being.


How NATURALBOOM was born

From the need to quench your thirst with something simple and at the same time have a drink with many properties. The result is a recipe in which the purity of green tea meets the benefits of incredible ingredients, such as ashwagandha, the qeen of nootropics. A pleasure for mind and body in just 30 calories.

Naturally unique

Green tea, herbs and fruits with many beneficial properties, that comes spontaneously from nature. Without caffeine, taurine or refined sugars.

You can enjoy it as a herbal tea or fresh as a drink. Always carry it with you and recycle the can.

VEGANOK certified, it is suitable for restoring the mind of those who have to play sports, work, study and focus. And even the children like it!

6 lattine

NATURALBOOM 6 cans to pinch your mind and taste

Il grande salto

NATURALBOOM, pack of 4 cans, with the book “Il Grande Salto” by Vanni Oddera

La fatica non esiste

NATURALBOOM, pack of 4 cans, with the book “La fatica non esiste” by Nico Valsesia


NATURALBOOM, pack of 6 cans, with 12 Titleist Velocity golf balls

Libro Mike Maric

NATURALBOOM, pack of 4 cans, with the book “Il potere antistress del respiro” by Mike Maric



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You can taste it hot, like a herbal tea, to restore yourself when it’s cold. Fresh as a drink to quench your thirst every day when it’s hot.