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When sport becomes a cure.

A meeting that can change your life.

The freestyle motocross champion, Vanni Oddera, in 2009, is abroad for a competition. By chance, he is made aware about the difficult way of living of a disabled person and this meeting changes his life. Back in Italy, he begins to involve some disabled persons’ associations in his training. From the very beginning, their happiness is clear with many unexpected positive outcomes.

Biketherapy is: sharing one’s passions with less lucky people. In all his shows, Vanni Oddera begins to dedicate an important space to special kids.


The numbers of success.

From 2009 to today, more than 40,000 young people have been brought for a ride, in 60 dates per year around the world. This extraordinary idea is then recovered by many colleagues and exported to Uruguay, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and in many other countries. The numbers of success.

The power of dreams.

Vanni Oddera creates a chain of solidarity that gets bigger and bigger until, in 2013, he is called to a hospital because a young oncologic patient wants to know him. Entering that department, Vanni realizes that even more could be done for those children and begins to think of a way to be able to bring a motorcycle to the hospital.

A great diffidence surrounds him, also for organizational reasons that seem to be unbeatable, but slowly he manages to find a chief physician who allows him to enter the ward with an electric motorcycle. All patients and families are simply excited about the day. Some videos go around the world and other hospitals contact him to bring the bikes to the wards. And so the “freestyle hospital” comes to life, which in 6 years brought the bikes to all the hospitals in Italy.


Happiness is good.

One of these hospitals decided to start a scientific study on the benefit of biketherapy in the ward with meetings every two weeks. These amazing results are then published in the “European Journal of Integrative Medicine”: this brings a London hospital to invite Vanni Oddera to try the biketherapy benefits also in their oncology department.

Today many hospitals are using biketherapy in the ward as regular event (Gaslini hospital in Genoa, Regina Margherita in Torino, Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Cancer Institute in Milan, just to name a few of them) and over time, children await this visits with ever bigger enthusiasm.

Biketherapy take-away.

In 2020, the world has stopped due to covid-19, a pandemic that affects everyone, but even more severely the families of these disabled people. Once again Vanni Oddera does not give up. Together with healthcare professionals, he studied an intervention protocol in order to take the bike directly to the families’ homes, with an accurate sanitation of vehicles and clothing.

The “biketherapy take-away” project was born, started on 6th of May 2020, and receives great approval and allows many young people and children to find a smile again.

Scientifically proved.
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