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What does change represent?

Change, masculin noun: “the act of becoming different, or the result of something becoming different”

Every day is different, every day we get up and we are ready to face new challenges.
“Change” was definitely one of the most used, googled and screamed words of 2020. Often it is linked to negative concepts such as dissatisfaction or imprisonment but actually the word change should also be used to symbolize rebirth or restart.
Marco is 30 years old and he is going to be a father and he surely takes this change like something extremely positive.
Carolina is 6 years old and she experienced the dark side of the word change when her parents decided to divorce.
Laura and Piero, 80 and 85 years old, after years of sacrifice have finally finished to pay the loan of their house… it’s a great achievement for them but also a new beginning!

Everyone might have his own approach to changes, but one thing is clear: a life without changes would surely be unnatural and pretty boring, wouldn’t it?
And what about you? What does change mean for you?


Raise your hand if during the first lockdown you thought at least once to change something about yourself and focus on your goals, try to learn a new language or make the dream that you kept in the drawer for too long.
And we can’t forget our “personal trainer side” that was born inside us and that engaged us in remarkable and satisfactory sport performances or workouts.

We felt the need to reinvent and to improve ourselves with the aim of starting again from scratch. Just like Alessandro Sartori, Creative Director of Ermenegildo Zegna, who decided to present the autumn-winter collectionof 2021 under the name “(re)set”, in order to underline the change compared to last year.

Stiamo attraversando un periodo insolito, in cui tutti siamo portati a prestare maggiore attenzione, ad acquisire consapevolezza o “mindfulness“. Non possiamo evitare il lato negativo del momento che stiamo vivendo? Non possiamo azzerare tutto e ripartire? Allora cambiamo, partendo dal nostro pensiero, cercando di andare controcorrente…  potremmo scoprire che in questa “mossa” ambigua, troveremmo lo spazio per sentirci liberi e meno oppressi.
Sono tante anche le storie di rinascita che si potrebbero raccontare, così come tante sono le abitudini mutate negli ultimi mesi. Potremmo parlare di abitudini alimentari, che si dirigono sempre più verso la sfera dell’ healthy e prediligono piatti bio, che nei primi mesi del 2020 ci hanno visto esperti nutrizionisti, dietologi e grandi chef rimanendo, naturalmente noi stessi.

We tried to cook lightdishes with fitingredients such as oatmeal, ginger and quinoa, with the aim to eat in a healthier way.
We could definitely say that it was a new beginning for good and healthy habits, as well as for social relationships: we had the chance to rediscover how pleasant is chatting with friends we haven’t heard for a long time.

The change starts from your mind


Stiamo continuamente cambiando noi stessi, le nostre abitudini, la visione del mondo. Ed è proprio all’interno di questo cambiamento che NATURALBOOM si sente a casa. 
Il cambiamento, parte dalla mente, è tutta una questione di testa.

Negli ultimi mesi ci siamo ritrovati a cambiare modo di lavorare, abbandonando abiti formali e prediligendo tute sportive, comodamente seduti alla scrivania di casa … ma sempre e comunque concentrati. Ed è per aiutarci a mantenere attiva la nostra mente che NATURALBOOM ha creato il primo Mental Drink ricco di nootropi, sostanze naturali in grado di aumentare le nostre capacità cognitive.

Il cambiamento come nuovo inizio

The change always starts from little things and that’s why we should start today to take care of ourselves and our body. Including some yoga or meditation sessions to our daily routine might also be a healthy way to improve the quality of our lives. If in the past these activities were always associated to Buddhist monks, nowadays any of us can take advantage of these practices which might help to improve or psycho-physical wellness keeping bad vibes away.

In such a stressful period of time, we have to keep our concentration level high. We know that’s hard to get there but no worries, you can get a little and natural help…. a Mental Drink!
Because to stay healthy outside, you must first feel-good inside, and NATURALBOOM can help all of us … to feel GOOD!

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