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All the best of nature, from nature.

Thanks to its natural substances and precious nootropics, NaturalBoom improves mental and physical well-being. And it's delicious, and 100% natural. It is a meeting between thirst-quenching ingredients such as green tea, ginger and lemon and substances with nootropics, that improve mental activities spontaneously and without drawbacks. You can taste it hot, like a herbal tea, to restore yourself when it's cold. Fresh as a drink, to quench your thirst every day when it’s hot.

NaturalBoom is a way of living.

It is the first Mental Drink with many healthy properties found in nature to relieve fatigue, improve cognitive abilities and hydration.

Do you know why?

NaturalBoom is a 100% natural and conscious drink. Without taurine, without caffeine, and without added carbon dioxide, alcohol, refined sugars, artificial colours and preservatives, it is not an energy drink or an organic juice, it is a lifestyle. It isthe first Mental Drink in the world, unique on the market, which uses nootropic and beneficial properties found in nature to relieve fatigue and improve cognitive abilities without drawbacks for the body.

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More Plus, Less Stress

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Exams ahead and so much to study?

Prepare your mind to perform at its best.

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Do you have to talk with the boss or are you the boss?

Help yourself to give your best, in a natural way.


Do you play sports and love to stay fit?

Train your mind, quench your thirst for well-being.


NaturalBoom is designed for anyone who needs to be focused: sportsmen, professionals, students, young and very young people. Suitable for persons with coeliac disease and vegans and in general for anyone who wants to take care of psycho-physical well-being.

NaturalBoom was created for those who feel the need to feed their mind in a healthy and natural way. For the whole family.


Analysis and quality certified

The study carried out by Dr. Paola Lemasson, nutrition biologist, in collaboration with ASL Biella, aims to evaluate the effect of NaturalBoom as a mental drink with positive effects on mental focus, cognitive abilities and psychophysical state of those that use it. These physiological and neurological benefits stems from the active substances of some ingredients contained in the drink, such as: Papaya, Ashwganda, Yerba Mate and Sea Buckthorn as well as green tea, ginger, lemon juice and vitamins.

The study, aimed at understanding the beneficial effects of the drink and any other benefits, was authorized by the Ethics Committee of the ASL of Novara.

The analysis of cognitive performance took place through a series of validated psychological tests, and was carried out by a professional psychologist, while the evaluations of change in cardiac and respiratory parameters were performed after a physical fitness test.

The experiments were carried out on healthy persons divided into two homogeneous groups. “NaturalBoom” group received the drink during the study, while the “control” group received a placebo drink.

Participants underwent 5 different study protocols, before, after 60 minutes and after a week consuming 500ml of NaturalBoom per day (just a bit more than a can).

A real improvement, due to the drink, on the capacity to pay attention was observed if compared with placebo-control group: the response times of the subjects improved and a significant increase in short-term memory was observed without adverse effects on the cardiac and respiratory changes after exercise.


“…the reaction times of the subjects have improved and a remarkable increase of the short term memory has been observed…”

From the results of this study, it can therefore be concluded that NaturalBoom has positive effect on some cognitive functions without adverse effects on cardiovascular and respiratory systems, both at rest and during physical activity.

NaturalBoom is a drink approved by the Ministry of Health.

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