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NATURALBOOM, pack of 24 cans, with WOT neck warmer


Pack consisting of 24 cans of NATURALBOOM with WOT, a multi-season, multifunction and multisport neck warmer, made with hi-tech fabric.

NATURALBOOM, the first Mental Drink in the world, is the result of a well-studied and balanced recipe, that combines properties of nootropics and vitamin B5, with very few calories.

For those who feel the need to feed their mind in a healthy and natural way. Suitable for persons with coeliac disease and vegans and in general for anyone who wants to take care of psycho-physical well-being.

NATURALBOOM, in collaboration with WOT, has decided to create this neck warmer:

– multifunction: cuff, bandana, headband, cap and hair elastic;

– multi-season: tested from -20 ° to +30° thanks to its temperature control, it can be used in every season of the year;

– multisport: excellent for activities in which it is necessary to protect the cervical area from bad weather.

Try NATURALBOOM cold to regenerate your body or hot as an herbal tea.

Buy for yourself or tell us the address of your friend you want to send the gift to. Exercise is a good habit for your psychophysical well-being, doing it with the First Mental Drink and the right accessory is easier.

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Green Tea, Lemon and Ginger with Sea Buckthorn, Papaya, Mate, Ashwagandha, Agave Juice and Vitamin B5 for your psycho-physical well-being.


NATURALBOOM, thanks to its ingredients, improves cognitive skills by increasing mental focus, short-term memory and the speed of response to stimuli.

Nootropics are “smart” substances that help improve the oxygen supply to the brain and affect nerve growth for a full range of psycho-physical and emotional improvements, which affects activation, tone, maintenance and recovery. There is a double benefit: the mental one, improving focus and cognitive skills, reducing the feeling of tiredness thanks to the increase in blood circulation; the physical one, with a lower fatigue, greater muscle tone and reactivity. A mix of naturalness and efficiency of the highest quality.


NATURALBOOM is the First Mental Drink, promoter of a healthy and natural lifestyle, attentive to the environment and a daily support to your psychophysical well-being, helps your hydration and your mental performance whenever you feel the need, in office, school or during sport activities. You can drink it cold or hot as an herbal tea.

WOT multi-season, multifunction and multisport neck warmer, made with hi-tech fabric, perfect for your outdoor activities.


AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION | per 100 ml finished product

Energy value: 53 kJ / 12 kcal

Fat: 0 g

of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 2.8 g

of which sugars: 2.8 g

Proteins: 0 g

Salt: 0 g


Vitamin B5

2.4 mg per 100 ml – 40% NRV* in 100 ml of finished product

6 mg per 250 ml – 100% NRV* in 250 ml of finished product

*NRV = Nutrient reference values.

Additional information

Additional information


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