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It's birth.

From passion, preparation, and need.
It comes from a steaming thermos, from a basket of fresh fruit, from the desire for nature, but above all from a need for mental well-being. It brings the lights of dawn, the strength of the sea and a passion for sport. Being sure of having created something unique comes to life when ashwagandha is combined with other ingredients such as hot green tea and ginger. It is a smart drink rich in nootropics, able to improve concentration in a natural way and, in general, the best for sports or mental performance.

“I was looking for a drink that can quench my thirst in the body, but also in the mind. Something extremely natural. I wanted a drink with a pure soul, a balanced mix full of well-being. I tried many solutions and realized that there was nothing on the market that really represented what I had in mind. My Mental Drink was born from this need and after a long research.”


The creator
icona foglie NaturalBoom

The practice of drinking something hot before plunging into the water becomes discovery, emotion, experience to be shared.

And so, NaturalBoom was born.

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